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Effective presentations

2D drawings and rendered images don't provide a clear picture of the project and can cause misunderstandings.

Mindesk helps you to present your vision effectively to teammates or clients and to get their approval faster.

Collaborative design

With Mindesk you can collaborate with a colleague on the same CAD model. While you are editing the model in VR, a teammate can follow your operations and collaborate from the Desktop.

Real-time collaboration accelerates brainstorming and decision making.

Location courtesy of Blackshape
Location courtesy of Blackshape

CAD Live Link

This is not just another VR visualization application: your edits from the CAD software immediately affect the VR simulation.

Also, VR edits immediately affect the source CAD as the two environments are entangled.

One click VR

Forget intricated model preparation phases and painful export procedures that waste hours or days of work.

With Mindesk no export is required, therefore, you can jump directly in VR from your CAD software with a click.

Courtesy of Arturo Tedeschi
Courtesy of Arturo Tedeschi

Immersive 3D modeling

Create and edit your 3D models fully immersed in Virtual Reality.

Navigation feels much more natural compared to the mouse. Manipulate complex and organic design, NURBS and 3D Bézier with your own hands.

Be up to 100% faster at prototyping.

Breakthrough technology

Our proprietary engine is based on the most advanced graphics technologies including Microsoft DirectX 12, NVidia Quadro graphic cards, Unreal Studio and OBS Studio to provide the best real-time CAD VR experience.