At Mindesk we really like students. We'd love to see budding professionals be at the forefront of design and hit the market endowed with the mastery of tools that make them more competitive in the job market. For this reasons, we crafted a special offer for students and schools:

For students: Edu License

This offer is aimed exclusively at students (there's a manual identity check, waiting time before approval can be up to 48h); you can get the full version of Mindesk for Rhino or for SolidWorks, with a non-commercial license, for 12 months, free of charge.
The license is fixed and the software has to be installed on the student's own private hardware.

For schools: Lab Package

This offer is aimed at educational institutions with a VR laboratory and it comes with everything: the full version of Mindesk for Rhino/Grasshopper, the upcoming Rhino+Unreal (for photorealistic CAD modeling in VR), Mindesk for SolidWorks, and all future products and updates. This package includes also the LAN collaboration module, which allows to have multi-user VR experiences over LAN, a convenient feature in a teacher-students scenario.
All of this, with a commercial license for 5 seats at just $2,999 (-70% discount)! Even higher discounts are possible for a larger number of seats.

The VR lab manager has a panel where it's possible to manage the subscriptions, which have to be installed on the school's hardware (fixed license).
If necessary, Mindesk's team can do a personalized on-boarding training via web for the lab manager or the teaching staff. Occasionally some of our team members can also participate as a guest speakers, via web or in person; this is not part of the offer, but students usually like it and we'd do our best to get them engaged in VR design!
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Q: I'm a teacher, can I get Mindesk for free?
A: Yes, educators can apply for the Edu license (either for Rhino or SolidWorks; no Unreal, no collaboration, non-commercial license). However, if you'd like to use the Pro version, we'd be happy to extend you a personal 50% discount.

Q: We're a high school, not a university. Can we still get the Lab Package?
A: Absolutely!

Q: We're a private professional school, not a university. Can we still get the Lab Package?
A: Absolutely! If you teach Rhino or SolidWorks, you could even become a Mindesk reseller.

Q: I keep applying, but I can't I get the Edu license, why so?
A: It seems you're not a student. Mistakes are always possible, so if you are indeed a student, please provide us with some evidence of it.

Q: I'm a student, but I don't own a VR headset. How can I get to use Mindesk?
A: Ask your school to buy some HMD and Mindesk licenses for students. Or just save up to get an HMD yourself.

Q: Is Mindesk available only for Rhino and SolidWorks? No other CAD in sight?
A. At the moment Mindesk is available only for Rhino and SolidWorks, but more CAD platforms are in development; feel free to let us know your preferences.